We are a New York based production company, striving to extend local restaurant’s clientele through the power of great pictures and video. Founded by people who have a passion for food and storytelling we want to help you share your food with the world! After being a key component for not only creating content, but also building a brand for the hostess of Amazon Prime’s and NYC Media’s, Brindiamo! we excel at influencing people to try great food.  We work hard to  get new people in your door with our video and photography  skills. We know that the best way to get people excited about your food is with engaging video and pictures.  It’s proven that video is the type of content that people interact with most online.  By having dedicated high quality video, people are more encouraged to interact with each other, rave about how great your food is, and encourage others to come in as well.  The best type of marketing is recommendations by people you trust, and when we make videos that’s what we have in mind.  We get your audience to see your video, interact with it, and encourage their friends to go and try your food.  We customize the plan to your needs and are eager to work with you!